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Multi function Scrubbing Machine HT-002
Make: Masterclean
Model: HT-002
Power Rating: 1100watts
Voltage Rating: 220-240V
Speed of Rotation: 175 rpm
Length of the power cable: 12m
Diameter of the Base Disc: 17 inches
Net Weight: 48kgs
Body Material: Cast Iron
*Complete Handle
*Water Tank

*Floor Brush (Hard Brush)
*Carpet Brush (Soft Brush)
*Pad Holder

Multi function Scrubbing Machine HT-175
 Make: Masterclean
 Model : HT-175
 Voltage : 220-240V , 50Hz
Speed of Rotation: 175rpm
 Length of Power Cable: 10 metres
 Diameter of the Base Disc: 17"
Nett Weight: 48kgs
Standard Accessories:
 1. Hard Brush
2. Soft Brush
3. Pad Holder
4. Handle
5. Water Tank
 Main Functions:
1. Floor Washing
2. Carpet Washing
3. Waxing
 4. Low Speed Polishing
Vacuum Extractor
Capacity: 40 Li

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