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24/7 Digital Electronic Timers


7 Day Programmable Digital Weekly Timers
The timers are suitable for automatically switching on and off appliances like water pumps, security lights, back up inverter chargers etc at predetermined times depending on the settings. Once programmed, this operations are repeated every week and can go on forever.
The timer have a memory back up battery in case of power failure.
-Current clock with display of day,hour,minutes and seconds. Choice off 12-Hour or 24-Hour.
-20 On/Off programs
-Random function with a random delay of 2-30 minutes when program set.
-Summer/Winter time.
-15 combinations of day or block of days available as follows:
-The timers power rating is 240V, 13 Amps Max.
-For heavier loads, relays or contactors can be used. This  also applies to three phase loads.
-The back up battery is charged when the timer is plugged i and it last in excesses of 100hrs when there is a black out.

There are different models for this timers as illustrated below:



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