Alligator Electricals

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Alligator Electricals

Alligator Electricals deals in Electrical and Electronics Products. Our major products are:
  • Electric Motors both Single Phase and Three Phase
  • Water Pumps: Booster Pumps,Submersible Pumps and Engine Driven Pumps
  • Power Tools : Angle Grinders, Drills ,Welding Machines
  • Agricultural Machinery: Chaff Cutters, Foliage Cutters,Posho Mills
  • Commercial Cleaning Machines: Scrubbers,Vacuum Cleaners
  • Construction Machinery: Sanding Machines,Terrazzo Machines
  • Motor Spare Parts : Capacitors,Centrifugal Switches, Cooling Fans
  • Commercial Cleaning Machines Spare Parts: Vacuum Cleaner Motors,Flex Hoses,Scrubbing Pads,Scrubber Brushes
  • Sanding Machine Accessories: Sand Papers P36,P60,P80,P100,P120 and Sponge Cushion
  • Power Tools Spare Parts: Armatures, Carbon Brushes,Switches
  • Electrical Control Items: Weatherproof Boards,Push Buttons,Indicator Lights,Phase Failure Relays,Contactors

Electric Motors and Accessories

The most common motors that we stock are as follows.

Single Phase Motors 1400rpm and 2800rpm

1.5 hp,2.0hp,3.0hp,5.5hp and 7.5hp

Three Phase Motors

2.0hp, 3.0hp,5.5hp,7.5hp,10.0hp,15hp,20hp and 30hp

Water Pumps
We specialize in Submersible Pumps and Booster Pumps. Our main Brands are Shimge and Pedrollo. The various types available are as follows :
  • Shimge Booster Pumps 0.5 hp
  • Shimge Booster Pumps 1.0 hp
  • Pedrollo Booster Pumps 0.5hp
  • Shimge Submersible Pumps 0.5hp
  •  Shimge Submersible Pumps 0.75hp
  • Shimge Submersible Pumps 1.0 hp
  • Shimge Submersible Pumps 1.5hp
  • Shimge Submersible Pumps 2.0 hp

Angle Grinders

Chaff Cutters
Available Types:
  • 2 Roller 2 Blades
  • 3Roller 3 Blades
  • Motor Driven
  • Engine Driven

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Floor Scrubbing Machine

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Vacuum Cleaners
Makita Angle Grinders 7020 & 9020

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