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Single Phase Electric Motors

 Single Phase Electric Motors.


  • -YCL Series Single Phase dual-Capacitor Asynchronous Motor
  • -Insulation Class; IP44/IP54
  • -Voltage Rating 220-240V
  • -Frequency :50hz
  • -Efficiency: 81.6%
  • -Power Factor: 0.9
  • The body is made of cast iron.
  • The windings are 100% copper.

Available Models and Sizes
  • 1.5Hp 1400rpm
  • 1.5Hp 2800rpm
  • 2.0Hp 1400rpm
  • 2.0Hp 2800rpm
  • 3.0Hp 1400rpm
  • 3.0Hp 2800rpm
  • 5.5Hp 1400rpm
  • 5.5Hp 2800rpm
  • 7.5Hp 1400rpm
  • 7.5Hp 2800rpm

Motor Spare Parts

 Centrifugal Switches for various models of single phase motors


 Capacitor Holders

 Motor Fans

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