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Digital Plug-in Energy Meters

Digital Plug-in Energy Meters.
Helps you to know how much your plugged in appliances are consuming.
Model: PM 300
Rating: 230V, 16 Amps max.
-Displays the Voltage (V), Current (A), Wattage(W) and Energy Consumption (KWH) of the plugged in appliances.
-You can set the maximum current (Max A) or maximum wattage (Max W) of the connected appliances and the appliance will be disconnected once exceeded.
- The current Range is 0.005A to 16A.
-The Voltage range is 190V-276V.
-The Energy measuring Range is .001KWH to 9,999.99KWH
-You can set cost per KWH and get the value of power consumed.

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