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Terrazzo Dry Grinding
What is terrazzo dry grinding?
Terrazzo dry grinding is grinding terrazzo floor using a machine that does not use water to  the dust. Ordinary grinders use water to reduce the dust produced during grinding . This results in a messy mud  which may not be very .
This has been the the most common ways of grinding terrazzo.
The terrazzo dry grinding has been made popular by the use of Angle Grinders in grinding the skirting and the staircases. However the dust produced by this grinder is a big problem to the environment and the operators.
The terrazzo dry grinders for the floor combines a terrazzo grinding machine and a vacuum motor. For the small machines, this can be integrated into one machine . Here are examples of the machines and how they operate.
Locally Assembled Dry Grinder.
As the machines grinds, the dust is sucked in cylindrical container.

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